flashes de la innovación monetaria

  • Dinero basado en la abundacia. "Abundance-based money is money which anyone can create. However, to create money, as opposed to empty symbols, it must be possible to convince (or compel) others to accept it as payment. Until recently, this has largely been the preserve of commercial banks, backed by legal tender laws. However, we are now seeing the rise of peer-to-peer architectures for creating money abundantly, without reliance on the banking system. Such systems challenge the notion that money must be scarce and centralised to be valuable."

  • Sistemas de compensación de crédito mutuo según Greco. “It is possible to organize an entirely new structure of money, banking, and finance, one that is interest-free, decentralized, and controlled, not by banks or central governments, but by businesses and individuals that associate and organize themselves into cashless trading networks. This is a way to reclaim “the credit commons” from monopoly control and create healthy community economies that can enhance the quality of life for all.

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